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Fancy // Monday, June 2, 2014
3:56 AM
Hey guys,

Short update.

I just wanna tell you guys about how excited I am because tomorrow, me and my friends are going on a school trip to USS!

Only Allah know how grateful I am when I was allowed to follow this trip. I was so - I can't even believe that it's tomorrow. Ughhhh, awesome!

Anyway, if you read my previous blog post, I have several problem with my self confidence. Like how I said that I'm not confident in giving speeches in front of people, how I can't even talk to boys and other few things that made me so frustrated which on some point I felt so depressed. However, alhamdulillah thanks to Allah. I've been improving a lot lately through this year. Even though I am not wearing braces yet but for some reason I don't feel the need to cover up my flaw.

It's all thanks to Allah and my friends. I swear that they are so crazy, annoying and freaking loud and talkative. They talk so much that I've changed from a negative person to more outgoing. I don't think if it's not for them I can survive my life which include a lot of talking and seeing new people.

Now, I'm more open and talkative. I can be quiet an introvert if I'm not wearing my glasses. Yeap, I have a spectacles. Rabun jauh. I feel like whenever I wear it, it gave me more confident to talk to people because by wearing it I can see their expressions and faces clearly. I love that. HAHAHA I'm so weird hah.

Anyway, this year, I joined a choir group and overcome my fear of singing in front of people. I had overcome my fear (not fully) of talking to boys . Lastly, I overcome my fear of talking in front of people. These requires a lot of courage k. By a lot I mean it, A LOT.

I was thinking to myself lately, so what if people laugh at me because of my teeth? Idc. Idgas. Idgaf.

It's my life and I'm suppose to enjoy it not being like katak bawah tempurung.

Btw guys, see this video. A video of my school choir group. This is our first performance so don't judge bitch. Enjoy :)

Here's the link if you can't watch the video.

The Voice of SMKBSD 2: http://youtu.be/bmOLrvYE8EE

Wish List // Wednesday, August 14, 2013
6:11 AM

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

Hi guys. Long time no update. I can't even count how many days months I didn't update this blog of mine./swats dusts/
Since we're in the early month of Syawal, I've decided to update this blog so here I am! Maybe it's too late thou but

Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri
My family's theme color for this year are purple and grey so yipppiee. We got two Baju Kurung(girls mehh) each. I totally favor both of it. I want to upload some pictures of me and my family during eid but I'm lazy. Also, to show off my Baju Kurung bagi korang jealous sikit x)

That's one. The second thing is, I got my new phone! finally. It's not like Iphone or galaxy note or what. Just a simple touch screen phone with android programmed. I just need a phone with android program okay? I don't care if it's old fashioned or what but for me it's pretty even thou my sisters said it looks weird cause it's in rectangle shaped and trust me it is rectangle shaped. However, still pretty to me tho and I donno why I like the rectangle shape x) The phone that my father bought for me is one of my dream phone and do trust me that I've a wish list and I wrote that phone as one of my wish. You can't imagine how happy am I when I got my dream phone. It's not expensive nor cheap. It's so-so and affordable for a student like me. I'm not gonna tell you what kind of phone it is cause I'm awesome likedat. pfft

The main purpose for writing this post is to tell you guys one of my other secret wishes and yes nobody knew that I have a wish list haha. Since I decided to tell you guys this I guess this wish is not a secret anymore but pfftt I have like 10 more secret wishes I think

My secret-not-so-secret-wishes-anymore is I want to wear 
I beg my father since I'm in standard 4 so that he'll let me wear it but it didn't work. I want to wear it because I have protuding front teeth and it was like seriously ugly. I think the main reasons I do not talk to people except my family and classmates are because of my teeth. I don't even have the courage to talk to boys because of it and since I like to sing, I can't even sing in front of people cause I'm afraid they will tease me off until I graduate high school even tho I know that they're not that mean but still. I also having a problem to do a presentation because of my teeth.

See guys, I'm wearing braces because of my teeth problem not because to follow the trend nowadays. I think it's stupid for people to spend thousands of money only because of fashion. 

So I was thinking, since my birthday are in December, I want to beg my father again saying that it's as my birthday present and I swear if I managed to get a green light from him I will practically act like the most happiest person on the earth. Serious.

Before this December and before I beg him, I must do some survey first which I already did just now and found many tips regarding wearing braces. First step is, I must do some survey about the prices around the dentists near where I live so it'll be easier to come for an appointment. Yeah so I want to request for a help from you guys which have some experience wearing braces to cadangkan mana mana tempat which have more cheaper and affordable prices.

A big thanks from me to you!

Oh yeah! I changed the layout! Haha. Okay. So one last thing before I'm off from blogger, 
congrats on your comeback EXO!